Jumat, 19 Juni 2015

Keep Safe and Secure When You Are Outside of Your House

Through our conversations I learn about their area, interests, community plus a wide host of valuable information.

While looking at personal protection products the older woman commented that the women of her city needed protection products to protect themselves against a local rapist.

If the public does not know what they need to be prepared for, they will not be prepared. Radio news and Television news requires that you be a regular listener to get the news they want you to hear.

I do not know if the rapist operated just in the city or county that I visited, or if the geographic area spans across a few counties and cities. I understand that the Public Relations of a community not wanting to publicly announce there is a serial rapist in their midst. A couple of the male employees said the perfume sales people were in their store but they had no reaction to the perfume. My daughter was 17 years old at the time.

The bar owners had the perfume sales people on surveillance in their bar and a clear view of their van in the parking lot including the license plate number. The bar manager informed me he could not share the video with me but if I made a police report, he could share the information with the police.

A detective went to the bar and viewed the sales people and their van. There were reports over social media with the same sales people operating in other cities in Indiana and Ohio. Close to six months after my daughter's incident, a policing agency in Ohio arrested them.

Let's face it - now it's a more dangerous world out there and it's time that you did something to protect you and your family.

How? The answer is a canister of Pepper Spray in your pocket or purse. This device contains the chemical Oleoresin Capsicum which is derived from cayenne pepper but better known as Pepper Spray.

The effects of Pepper Spray are extremely painful to the individual who was sprayed. It causes immediate, excessive eye tearing, copious amounts of mucus from your nose and extreme coughing. Pepper Spray comes in many different canister shapes and forms.

This looks exactly like a tube of lipstick but contains an amount of Pepper Spray to stop some loser from groping you. Every woman should carry a tube of Lipstick Pepper Spray in her purse for protection.